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What causes these stains and how do you take them away?
Glass is a porous material that requires substantial maintenance to keep its brilliance and clarity. Staining can occur when glass is not maintained on a regular cleaning rotation, resulting in mineral deposits and oxidation.
Some common factors that can cause glass staining include:
Accumulation of soap and oils from homemade cleaning solutions.
Rain water leaching minerals onto the glass from the exterior facing
of your home or building.
Steel and aluminum window frames and screens releasing oxides
that spray and drip onto the glass surface from rain and water.
Hard water from sprinkler systems continually spraying onto glass.
Acid rain and airbourne pollutants.
Caulking and window frame coatings releasing material onto the
glass surface.
Overspray from painting and waterproofing projects.

Our glass restoration and sealing process: (Removing Glass Stains)

A restoration and cleaning agent is applied to the glass surface with a glass safe applicator which removes staining from the glass surface. We remove excess solution, and then clean the glass with a strip washer and squeegee. This process leaches and cleans the glass while restoring a proper pH balance to the surface, which returns the glass to its original clarity and brilliance! A sealant is then applied to the glass surface which creates a molecular barrier to protect the restored glass, and prevent repeat stains.
How can you prevent these types of stains from ever appearing?
To avoid this damage altogether, you need to establish a regular window cleaning schedule and have a sealant applied to your exterior glass. This sealant bonds molecularly on the surface of the glass, thereby filling the pores. With the coating applied, mineral deposits, pollution, and dirt wash over the glass. The minerals that are left behind cannot penetrate the glass, hence a regular cleaning schedule, along with a periodic reapplication of a sealant will protect your window glass investment, and prevent stains and damage for years to come.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...
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